Our quality controllers conduct strict check on the quality of our services up to the completion of the project and ensure that proper consistency of quality is maintained throughout. They also check the building parameters of the builders to ensure that no flaw is committed anywhere. We have with us some of the best and efficient team of professionals who are committed to providing world class services to our clients.

We are committed to deliver a quality project that meets the client’s expectations and adheres to principles and standards of the construction industry. Construction quality control involves testing and inspection of materials and works. The process is corruption prone because the cost of material and workmanship is substantial in construction projects.

The quality control aims at providing persons involved in quality control of materials and works in construction projects with a practical step-by-step guide with recommendations on safeguards to prevent abuse and corruption. Users are expected to suitably adapt the recommended safeguards to meet their operational needs.

We believe that Building Quality Assessment System is not complete unless it encompasses the basic architectural and engineering planning and design.The quality model adopted here considers the following areas of building construction, for residential, commercial or industrial.

  • Architectural Planning and design.
  • Structural and engineering design
  • Project Management system
  • Construction - Architectural work
  • Construction - Structural work
  • Construction - External work.